down the holetwo girlsangel detaildeerfawnstagred birdred bird detailuntitled untitled detail (foot)bad heartbad heart detailsisterspantherdragontightropetightrope detailbluebirdbluebird detaildream love traindream love train detail (opening)dream love train detail (worried)dream love train detail (fire)dream love train detail (knivesgardenrainbowprotectorpreciouswolf and rabbitstreewolvesuntitledthought
My paintings are visual expressions of intense emotional states, moments of transformation or self examination.
I'm interested in the dichotomy of these states and how a situation can appear on the surface to be one thing but upon closer inspection will reveal itself to be something completely unexpected.
My imagery is influenced by the suspended reality of dreams in which events and imagery do not follow the guidelines of physics or logic, and the fantasy of fairy tales where sweetness and simplicity often lead to dark twists of fate.